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Trip Planning Tools & other good general info
NOAA Current Charts
WWW Tide and Current Predictor
WWW Tide and Current Predictor; Hudson River
Hudson River water data
Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter
Riverkeeper Water Quality
NOAA Our Restless Tides
Marine Weather, NY Harbor
Hudson River Park cam
USCG Recreational Boating Safety Pages
Marine Mammal Viewing Guidelines
Tide Predictions (The Battery)
NYC landlubber forecast (still useful!)
cold water paddling safety
Sunrise Sunset
Atlantic Kayak Tours - Expert Center
Stevens Institute Observation Site
Human-Powered Boating Event Calendar NYC
Sea Kayaking Dot Net
NYC Watertrail
USCG NavCen (Local Notices to Mariners, Light Lists & More)
US Coast Guard Home Port: advisory notices, event postings, etc
Water Temperature in NY Harbor (via Steven's Institute)c

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Clubs by location
Sixth Borough
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