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Map of the Hudson River Greenway Water Trail
Thanks to our longtime partner the Hudson River Valley Greenway for letting us share this map.
Information regarding designated Greenway Water Trail sites may be found below and a larger version of the map can be accessed here. You may also get directions by road to any of the sites. For more information, including GPS latitude-longitude coordinates, click on a site's icon.
This site is intended as a guide to location and allowable uses at individual sites. Please note that some sites require that you obtain a permit in advance. Information on site amenities was current at the time of designation and is dependent upon individual site owners.
For a more detailed description of each launch site along the trail and additional features including ideas for paddling trips, geology flora and fauna of the Valley, an explanation of this tidal river's tides and currents, and more, check out our printed Hudson River Water Trail Guide.

View Hudson River Greenway Water Trail in a larger map
The Hudson River Watertrail Association is not responsible for the contents of this map and is unable to make changes to it. To report errors with this map or for any other questions or comments concerning the map please send an email to
Last update: Monday, October 06, 2014
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